Every Color

I isolated myself for the better part of two years. I sacrificed friends, family, and coworkers to be with myself. I lived in dark, decaying apartments with toxic neighbors, vindictive staff, and a general odor of dog piss after it rained. I needed every second of that experience. In the darkness of day, between white brick walls I asked myself, “How can I be a better person? How can I be of service to others?” Have you ever looked into a mirror and wondered what color it is? A mirror’s job is to reflect light or lack thereof to the … Continue reading Every Color

Artist Spotlight – Niamey Thomas Artists for Change w/ Dom Root

Excited to invite you all to Artists for Change.  It is a free event that is shaped around networking, community engagement, and the arts. Artists for Change is a platform for artists, creatives, designers and the likes to discuss collaboration, innovation and social transformation within our communities. We are pressing forward in a time where communities need more than empty promises and creatives need more than four walls to be effective. Through this event our hope is that you listen, are heard and leave inspired to channel your inner creative to answer the call, ” How can I make everlasting change … Continue reading Artist Spotlight – Niamey Thomas Artists for Change w/ Dom Root