New Music Monday! 10/16/17

What up Music Makers of the world, Time to share your music!

You all contribute to the Sound Pit across various platforms and amid different genres. We want to give you the opportunity to share your music with others to receive support, feedback, and exposure…

The Rules:

1. Artists can post 1 link to a song or playlist per week in the comments below! (Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.)

2. If you post more than one link, we will keep the 1st and delete the others, to keep a level playing field for all. No download links to your mixtape.

3. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

4. Converse and dialogue with members of the community as much as you like. We encourage support and constructive feedback.

Here is the suggested format for posting:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location of the Artist:

3. Social Media Handles (Twitter, IG, Youtube, and/or Facebook)

4. Link to Music

Post music or videos that can play in the thread only.

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Stream of Conciousness

I was high as fuk no drugs just love I woke up in the morning with my pen in my hand just to show love just to know love just to just to grow love like they grow cannabis Nah no coincidence yeah I planted this So go ahead plant that kiss right up on my left cheek And watch the roots begin to sprout Right about next week Dont you try to finess me Rather, why wont you just Invest in me And witness The Sprout Up So that you can harvest From this grind even when the clouds … Continue reading Stream of Conciousness

How I Learned to be Authentic

A mantra: My authentic self, is enough. I give freely and uphold my boundaries. I am free to be my most authentic me. I met a man who opened my eyes; different in almost every way. I think of the song “My Same” by Adele when he crosses my mind. He challenged my thought process, emotional process, and spiritual resilience in every way he knew how. He was my very best friend and a royal pain in the ass. It took a decade of passive aggressive arguments for the realization that changed how I relate to people. When I’m stuck in my pattern … Continue reading How I Learned to be Authentic

Real Love

You can love who you are Without ever offending anyone else… Well at least in my eyes Thats exactly how it is supposed to be… And Truth is, Theres nothing new here Cause hatred Is what success brings… But then who can We hold accountable And of that demographic Who cares enough to do Something about the madness… Passive Activists Moderately average Moderating patterns Of behaviors That supports The systematics Fuck your diplomatics… We have a hard enough time Staying sane as we maneuver Through the traffic, And ten years later, We find ourselves wondering what happened? We use to … Continue reading Real Love

Pray for America…Pray for the world…Pray for all humankind

There have been plenty of hashtags and messages circulating on social media regarding the disaster that is affecting Houston tremendously. It is always devastating when I hear news of the tragedies that strike our nation. Most days it’s even hard to turn on the news. Usually, people create hashtags and tell stories about their personal accounts of the destructions of our country and even our world. While it is important to stay abreast of current news and speak passion toward the issues, we should be consistently praying for this nation and the entire world. It’s not enough to #hashtag your thoughts. We … Continue reading Pray for America…Pray for the world…Pray for all humankind

They Don’t Know About Those Sleepless Nights, Those Looking For A Reason Nights: A Story For The Dream Chasers

I have literally waited for over two years to tell you all this story. I had a vision as to how it would all play out from the very beginning and so I fought the urge to prematurely talk about what happened to me. I chose to be patient, trust my journey and let the story unfold. When I want something, I figure out a way to make it happen regardless of what my circumstance may be. So when I first met Nipsey Hussle back in 2015, it was no surprise to my friends and family. I focus on what … Continue reading They Don’t Know About Those Sleepless Nights, Those Looking For A Reason Nights: A Story For The Dream Chasers

To The Max! by The I Am Root Collective, The Color 8 Band and Friends at The Rebel Lounge.

SPOKEN WORD| LIVE MUSIC| ART| Live Performances by: Truth B Told Pat Price Ronnie Dijon Jay Tatum Louie Fish Patricia Ross The I Am Root Collective: Dom Root, DJ Godzilla, Stefani Monet, and Fransisco Phoenics. The Color 8 Band: Clevpro, … Continue reading To The Max! by The I Am Root Collective, The Color 8 Band and Friends at The Rebel Lounge.