The Power of Sensation

My inner monologue has become clouded with messy memes and pop culture references. I can’t calculate the radius of a circle off the top of my head, but I can tell you which of the Kardashians are a meme this week. We can live stream war zones and fall in love through video chat. Videos of regular, everyday people can go viral and millions of people can share in one person’s delight, or pain. This generation is in a unique situation as we are the first to experience efficiency of information sharing. How do you escape the constant noise produced by … Continue reading The Power of Sensation

How I Learned to be Authentic

A mantra: My authentic self, is enough. I give freely and uphold my boundaries. I am free to be my most authentic me. I met a man who opened my eyes; different in almost every way. I think of the song “My Same” by Adele when he crosses my mind. He challenged my thought process, emotional process, and spiritual resilience in every way he knew how. He was my very best friend and a royal pain in the ass. It took a decade of passive aggressive arguments for the realization that changed how I relate to people. When I’m stuck in my pattern … Continue reading How I Learned to be Authentic

Two Words

This morning I woke up to 3 green notifications on my iPhone screen. “Account Overdrawn. Balance -$30.50. To transfer funds…” Damn. My story isn’t unique. I’m 20 something with half of a college degree, a heap of debt, and a job I hate that can’t possibly pay me enough to afford life in this decade. (Is it possible to have too many unread emails from Sallie Mae? I’m asking for a friend.) How can I fix this? How can I make more money? Easy. Get another job, work more hours, spend less time pursuing your dreams, stop attending events, and work. Work … Continue reading Two Words

The Sprout

I’ve been connecting and disconnecting, To prove I am alive. I am the seed. Art isn’t the same. Turbulence. Sweetness. Cacophony of color meeting white canvas. At times I am blank. At times I am the mess I try to avoid. My limbs are extended. Fingertips brushing through tangled locs. No need for combs when you only see yourself. People blur together in Picasso fashion. Who are you? Why are you here? Softly. Whispering. My edges are eroding. Geode cracked: exposed glitter and danger. Breaking. Black nails scratching my window in a storm. Tap, tap, tapping to the tune of … Continue reading The Sprout


I don’t know how to say this, but I’m tired of the rain dance of heartache beating across my drum. Limitations and rules and timelines of what needs to be done in order to justify that Spring, has sprung. Tell me what the sun knows about limitations. What makes you believe there are barriers, time, walls and lines? You are a limitless. fucking. being. An infinite gust of wind. Why must we torture ourselves with the constructs of a society built on the damnation of the very beings that created it? The genocide of the flow. No more, open windows … Continue reading Boundless

Signed, Black Women

The key to connection is melanin.It was written in the etches of his skin. Sewn into his finger tips his finger prints dance across the music in my soul. Black man. Rich like the soil dipping your fingers in my honey until I curl. Black man all I can say is god damn. How’d you get so fine? Not in the rhythm of your speech but in the variations of your mind. Black man. How’d you get so wise? Whether you believe the earth is round pregnant belly, or flat, soda pop, 3 days no lid. You still are the … Continue reading Signed, Black Women

Jour D’Amour

Mon amour, pour aujourd’hui… Holding the ones we love close to our breast in hopes that they won’t turn to doves and fly away taking our love with them. Trust blossoms between our embrace. My love, for today, you are mine. C’est un jour d’amour… When the day of love is within our grasp, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever with the exception of this very moment; looking into the eyes of my beloved. This is a day of love, friendship, openness and desire. Although this day will not last forever, I hope your eyes, that look, does. Mon … Continue reading Jour D’Amour

Sunflower in the Storm

To love is to die and to die is to transform. To transform is to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to blossom in the unknown. A sunflower in the storm. To love is to grow despite challenge. I love my people. I die for them. Murder any conditioning that tells me to fear the melanin. I grin when I see my brothers and rejoice in the presence of my sisters. I raise my arms only to embrace them. I transform for my people. I expand deeper into my roots and I find divinity. The soul that my ancestors breathed into … Continue reading Sunflower in the Storm

Without Permission

We live for the green stamp of approval. Certified, quality guaranteed, 5 star rating.  We trust what we see and recognize others as a reflection of our beliefs.  Imagine if the human form was marked with tattoos of certifications and qualifications. In a world where experience determined your war paint and they would appear like a trophy on the Xbox, “New Ink Unlocked: Paw print of the loyal” Imagine if your flaws were meant to be displayed stitched between the creases of your skin. Imagine the intimacy of empathy between strangers.  I see your scarlet A and therefore see myself … Continue reading Without Permission


A game between two opposing forces. Good and evil, duality in all senses. Disharmony chaotic cacophony of perfect imbalance on the scales of our destiny. Competing with yourself is a major key. Embracing the inner DJ Kahled shouting “I’m the best!” from gods mountain caverns and from what I’ve been told, only the good die young, so stay bad. Sick with the tenacity of a young person hungry for more, whether 20 years old or 50 or more. Keep your youth. Energy of buzzing successes and divine guidance surrounding all presence, keep competing with yourself. Sift through the sea of … Continue reading Competition