Day 2: conTROLLa

Second therapy session. My therapist says “You have issues with control. ” How do I control these feelings when my life is not mine to live? I’ve no more control than the next man. Playing back seat driver in my own ride. Mine own body ain’t been mine since time was. “What do you mean?” I am the captain of no ship, my soul set sail long ago on voyages unknown to my heart. Tugging at these strings, desperate for some semblance of autonomy. Whoever is running things has been doing a shit job! “You have issues with anger” “Doc, … Continue reading Day 2: conTROLLa

Day 1 : Down the Rabbit Hole

As part of my therapy and dealing with depression, my therapist recommended that I chronicle my day to day dealings with mental health. In doing so, I started a series of poems detailing the inner turmoil I experienced on the road to Peace. This is Day 1. Today i wrestled with the notion that my mind is my own worst enemy. I’ve told all my secrets, even gone so far as to bargain with them. Anything to cease these torturous ramblings of moments past and futures born of an overworked psyche. Surely something must give. Tempted by tantalizing tablets foretelling … Continue reading Day 1 : Down the Rabbit Hole