Creating Dreamality

Personally, I’ve always tried to navigate through living in a dream world and actually facing the realities of life. For those who are like me, this struggle is consistent from day to day, through career building, romantic relationships, college classes, house hunting, and everything in between. It’s the balance between true “adulting” and the luxuries of seeing your vision board come to life and making dreams come true. Can it really be 50/50? Are there certain aspects of life that truly omit all elements of dreaming? To solve this would be pure genius, but I believe that people create their … Continue reading Creating Dreamality


Duality is such an intriguing concept. How can someone live in two different worlds and constantly struggle to find the balance of which world makes more sense? Even that didn’t make sense. What does is that duality is the certainty of the uncertain. It’s about living with two forces, both good and evil, that make us human. These forces influence our everyday walk, talk, feelings, and beliefs. It can either shape us or break us. It’s up to the individual to decide which force will be personified. Are you in the same form as you once were? Something’s different about … Continue reading Duality

2017: Reflect and Evolve 👍

I have been in deep reflection about the ups and downs of what 2016 has come with. The ups were extremely high; I was feeling like everything I have worked for is beginning to make sense. Finishing school and moving on to graduate school was thrilling for me. It was also nerve wrecking because I would be surrounded by tough and buff academic powerhouses. It was intimidating to think about. I had to tell myself that I’m here for a reason. It’s no coincidence. God is obviously working in my life. For any student, we have to remind ourselves that … Continue reading 2017: Reflect and Evolve 👍