Real Love

You can love who you are Without ever offending anyone else… Well at least in my eyes Thats exactly how it is supposed to be… And Truth is, Theres nothing new here Cause hatred Is what success brings… But then who can We hold accountable And of that demographic Who cares enough to do Something about the madness… Passive Activists Moderately average Moderating patterns Of behaviors That supports The systematics Fuck your diplomatics… We have a hard enough time Staying sane as we maneuver Through the traffic, And ten years later, We find ourselves wondering what happened? We use to … Continue reading Real Love

The Gavel

The Gavel   It’s all in the image So that means It’s all about how you present it and in a world of misfits I can’t seem to get this generation To listen   For me,   I was never quite told what I wanted to hear Because I fell in love with a world that is more comforted In projecting the surreal   As I breach this world’s forbidden sector may the judger’s implications forever vector   leaving me faced with yet another dilemma, because the hip bone is connected to the back bone and our backbone is now … Continue reading The Gavel

Chapter of Esther from The God’s Graffiti Project

Esther: Maya In middle school I became best-friends with a girl named Maya, And I learned over time That she was just like Esther and Had a shaky start at life, But to the outside world She stayed positive, sweet, and hopeful. Every one she connected with, fancied her. She always wore a quiet confidence and grace That explicated the strength of an undefeated child, But it took a while to get the facts. One day, A survey was put out and it asked “If you had to leave your child with anyone in this class, who would you trust?” … Continue reading Chapter of Esther from The God’s Graffiti Project

The Chapter of Hagar from The God’s Graffiti Project

Hagar: Why I Smile: You Are Not Alone Like Hagar, my moms didn’t have it all either, 17 in the wild streets of LA with a baby and a dream, On the bus, busting missions down Crenshaw. She did a real good job at pretending like we had it all, She gave me so much of her love and comfort, I couldn’t tell the difference between rich or poor, until christmas. Quote often I s get compliments on my grin and I know that I got your teeth, cause when these lips part, You are the reason, I smile. I smile … Continue reading The Chapter of Hagar from The God’s Graffiti Project

Chapter of Ishmael from the God’s Graffiti Spoken Word Project

Wandering toward destiny – Questions? – Ishmael If you asked me for a life’s synopsis It would begin with the lack of answers to questions Pivotal to forming my character as a man.   Why couldn’t my pops just pay child support?   I had a good grades, I played sports, What father wouldn’t want that?   As far as I am concerned it was just another missed opportunity, Remained in the shadows.   Watching my mom struggle was the worst thing, But it inspired me. She hustled to ensure that we had something to eat Now everything that I … Continue reading Chapter of Ishmael from the God’s Graffiti Spoken Word Project