Out on the Edge

Out on the edge is where you see the difference between what you are and what you want to be or could be…   Much is to be said for the time in life you come to realize that your dreams aren’t just dreams, that they are seeds that you are hoping to bear enough fruit to never have to worry about another meal, and the same along your lineage….   Out on the edge is where you see the separation between what you have and what you desire, you know, what’s still left out there…   For so many … Continue reading Out on the Edge

Free Write: 11/5 @ 12:18pm

Too afraid To love safe, Too afraid of blame, Afraid of rain, but nothing stops my parade, Still too afraid to name All the things I want you to change, Afraid of cupid’s aim Coupled with my bad luck, Too afraid you’ll fuck me And forget the connection, Afraid of not being able To capture the span Of your attention, Too afraid to notice, My blessings! Continue reading Free Write: 11/5 @ 12:18pm


All we got is words Forms of visions well versed In a history deemed cursed.   Our worth was etched in cursive On a grounding well perversed So it was inevitable that the real stories would surface.   When I think about my future It’s always in the one after neutral So I pray to God that the blessings reign fruitful And that the universe still finds my heart useful…   No one will let you do anything in life But at the same time you got to believe That no one can stop you either So may your intentions … Continue reading #1

Live Your Life

Life is what you make it… You can make anything… Anything can be accomplished, when you are accompanied with the word… Words fill our days, and our days are long and difficult…   Difficulties bring troubled times… Times are worth the blurred lines… Lines form the barriers… Barriers try to bury us… But we be the seeds, throughout out the rainy nights… Nights are long and sleepless… I can’t sleep with these demons, demanding parts of my life, that’s just that… Mine… My words to you align with God’s plan… Plan to be everything you need… Put your needs first… … Continue reading Live Your Life

Real Love

You can love who you are Without ever offending anyone else… Well at least in my eyes Thats exactly how it is supposed to be… And Truth is, Theres nothing new here Cause hatred Is what success brings… But then who can We hold accountable And of that demographic Who cares enough to do Something about the madness… Passive Activists Moderately average Moderating patterns Of behaviors That supports The systematics Fuck your diplomatics… We have a hard enough time Staying sane as we maneuver Through the traffic, And ten years later, We find ourselves wondering what happened? We use to … Continue reading Real Love

The Gavel

The Gavel   It’s all in the image So that means It’s all about how you present it and in a world of misfits I can’t seem to get this generation To listen   For me,   I was never quite told what I wanted to hear Because I fell in love with a world that is more comforted In projecting the surreal   As I breach this world’s forbidden sector may the judger’s implications forever vector   leaving me faced with yet another dilemma, because the hip bone is connected to the back bone and our backbone is now … Continue reading The Gavel