Art Business Workshops

Happy Friday! I am excited to announce that I have partnered with the Phoenix Center For The Arts to put together a series of 3 workshops designed to help artists who are wanting to learn more about the business of being a working artist. Registration is only $20/ workshop and $5 for middle and high school teens. We will cover things like using social media, marketing, branding and a few other important topics. I have been a working artist for a few years but I quit my full time job over a year ago to pursue my career and have accomplished/ learned … Continue reading Art Business Workshops

That Time I Almost Got A Deal With Motown: The Story I’ve Never Told

So, I am pretty transparent about all things pertaining to my art. But, I typically don’t share the struggles or setbacks I experience as a working artist hustling each day to bring their goals into fruition. I, just like everyone else, experience disappointments and take losses here and there. So, all of that said, I am going to share a story with you that I have never told before. It all started when I ran into my friend and independent artist Touré Masters at the First Friday Art walk in January 2016. I had recently designed and painted the artwork … Continue reading That Time I Almost Got A Deal With Motown: The Story I’ve Never Told

I Can Never Make Him Love Me: What Really Happens When An Artist Falls In Love?

I remember texting him around one in the morning. “You feel like going on a random adventure?” I said. “Let’s go!” He replied without knowing what I had in mind. It didn’t matter to him. He was up for the spontaneous trip. We drove together towards South Mountain in the dark of the night and he explained how the road to the mountain reminded him so much of home, back in Cali. He said one day he would show me and he kept that promise. We got to the South Mountain Park entrance around 2am only to find the gates … Continue reading I Can Never Make Him Love Me: What Really Happens When An Artist Falls In Love?

5 people who changed my life forever.

It sounds scary af when you really think about it. Like, “Yo, I think today I’m gonna go and quit my job that pays allllll of my bills so that I can go do what I really want to and hopefully people will give me money for it because I think I’m pretty okay at it.” L! But, when you really break it down that’s exactly what I did. It didn’t happen overnight. I actually spent months plotting and planning my exit. It wasn’t an abrupt move. No. It was calculated and timed. Almost two years ago something major happened to … Continue reading 5 people who changed my life forever.

When The Train Stops

How many times have you let the train of opportunity pass you by while you set content at the train stop on a bench made of fear and doubt? I spent my whole life thinking that I had no control over anything, not even my own success or happiness.  While working on my latest  painting  “When the Train Stops…”, a portrait of Dom Kennedy, I had a lot of time to reflect on my journey, where I have come from and where I am headed. It all came crashing down several of months ago. I remember sitting at that hard metal … Continue reading When The Train Stops