POV Open Mic in Phx

I Am Root Co. will be teaming up with the RISE staff to put on a monthly open-mic. This evening will also feature ‘Local + On The RISE’ which includes one hour of Locals only music.  For more information or to send in your music for consideration, email media_iarco@outlook.com ​​   Info: Date: 06/08/18 Time: 730 – 10pm Format: Public Open-Mic Location: RISE Craft Coffee + Eatery – 918 N 5th St. Phx, AZ IARCO: http://www.iamrootco.com | @iamrootco RISE: @RISECraftCoffee   Advertisements Continue reading POV Open Mic in Phx

It’s You

Sunflowers etched into her skin, she is radiance exemplified; Mother blessed her with the name Joy. Far from perfect, she can be found in the darkest of places offering hope. Adventurer, she is forever chasing knowledge by sticking fingers into the keyholes of imagination. Sweetness drips on her tongue. Joy can be found between the swirls of an ice cream cone on a Phoenix summer day. Timeless in her elegance and experimental in expression, she is pure ambiguity. Lady of brilliance, Joy is in every woman. It’s you. You are her. You are the joy that this world needs. Your … Continue reading It’s You

Day 2: conTROLLa

Second therapy session. My therapist says “You have issues with control. ” How do I control these feelings when my life is not mine to live? I’ve no more control than the next man. Playing back seat driver in my own ride. Mine own body ain’t been mine since time was. “What do you mean?” I am the captain of no ship, my soul set sail long ago on voyages unknown to my heart. Tugging at these strings, desperate for some semblance of autonomy. Whoever is running things has been doing a shit job! “You have issues with anger” “Doc, … Continue reading Day 2: conTROLLa