7 Poems x 7 Days – Kalopsia – Day 6

Dom here!
So I worked with my girlfriend on a 7 day poetry project, at the start of a new day she sent me a new word and I wrote a poem based on the word and submitting them without edits.

On a Saturday somewhere in 2014,

I visited the Herd Museum in Phoenix

and as I moved through the various installations, I ran across one that stuck out and it appeared that it was composed with

a great deal of patience

and there was beauty in this artistic language

displaying both the victories and triumphs

of a foreign nation

and as i looked closer, I swear there

were smiling faces and dancing,

I could see their town hall,

where the politicians commanded


Everything appeared to be mundane,

but beyond the scope of the naked eye,

nothing was the same.

Everytime id look away only to return

to fixate on the painting, things would change

life for them would never be the same

with each new glance, colors change,

people change, chaos insues,

i look into my cup to find the cause

of these slurred rhymes.


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