7 Poems x 7 Days – Succulent – Day 5

Dom here!
So I worked with my girlfriend on a 7 day poetry project, at the start of a new day she sent me a new word and I wrote a poem based on the word and submitting them without edits.

The classical acoustic guitar

and its nylon strings

so sweet, filling this busy coffee shop

brings up memories

of Open Mics, in my earlier

days of poetry.

We’d convene in spaces

considerate of our quest

and filled with the greatest chefs,

the food was a blessing

nonetheless, we’d eat fries

and ‘succulent’ chicken breasts,

just before spouting our most premature pieces,

our deepest secrets

and in a fashion

where strangers can see them

tangible in spirit, an emotion

a feeling.

A transformation of divine request

for i had not known what was bestowed next.

life loved through words

lived through feelings,

an adventure of what id be willing to endure

to advance my being.

Those guitar strings

twang and bend

and through his musicianship

he sought to make amends

his pain was mine

and ours lived

with those who can connect

and with those who care to give

a bit of art that depicts

how they have lived,

and their journeys

eluding the problems of the world.


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