7 Poems x 7 Days – Quintessential – Day 4

Dom here!
So I worked with my girlfriend on a 7 day poetry project, at the start of a new day she sent me a new word and I wrote a poem based on the word and submitting them without edits.

Time flies in this in life,

and we’ll eventually become

the people we were meant to

and that’ll be,

in conjunction with,

what we’ve worked towards over the years

and at one point in time,

nothing was off the board

or the table,

we just wanted a shot,

and we’d connect everytime

if given the cables, or the aux chord.

I lay rhymes over piano chords

to express from the soul

the things that the world

later taught this little boy,

whose now all grown up.

A reflection of his projections,

Im a visionary who seeks

what he speaks, and work hard to never

have to cash-in on the promises made to me,

I want to earn my own keep,

and never keep too long anything

that doesnt belong to me.

I’m tomorrow and forever’s best friend

so im close to whats coming next

yet i wont tell the whole story,

you can wait to the end…

The Quintessential stand up guy

real easy going,

just like burgers and fries,

or flip flops on beach sand

followed by long road trips

in comfy mini vans,

cruising through the mystery

without a scooby doo

on how to be apart of history,

not a big networth,

so we on a different network

content, just to pass the time,

but Ill always speak my truth

in a room full of lions.


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