7 Poems x 7 Days – Mellifluous – Day 2

Dom here!
So I worked with my girlfriend on a 7 day poetry project, at the start of a new day she sent me a new word and I wrote a poem based on the word and submitting them without edits.

I can write you a poem

that sounds better than forever

with a mellifluos vibe akin

to a good wine and candle lights

on the Terrace.

We find solace, accompanied by love

and the glow of the moon light,

the stars dance and float

in the cosmic skies, balanced

by what the darkness provides.

I hold my guitar tight,

cause i can write you a poem

that sounds better than forever,

we can right every wrong

block every storm together.

Let my words not be only poetry,

but in tune with your hearts desire,

a 4 part harmony, your heart and mine,

this guitar, and these words all binding

to a crescendo, love rising, us floating.

i can write you a poem…

it could be about forever

but ive spent enough time devoted

to a world that may soon expire

in order to reach alignment.

What’s better than forever in a life

with the one you love,

is a world with no time in it,

and at times the hurricanes

present no exit route,

in the darkest of places

you’ll find a silver lining.


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