3rd Place Winner of the 2017-2018 Winter Poetry Contest

Meet Res Lauren:



The 3rd Place Winning Poem: What Love Feels Like


An answered prayer for companionship moves

through the body to the soul

and calls itself love.

Where once I found myself a shell of a girl,

I begin to fill

and fold.

the eyes across from me flicker in and out of pain

until the remainder glows gold

your skin is much warmer than my own

and softer, too

I run my hands through the curls

of your hair & I know

at least for a moment, I am not alone.

Soon it has passed midnight.

and sooner still it is morning

The sun breaks through the window

shedding light on our faces in its wake. I am

nestled between two arms. I notice my pulse

and cling to yours.

You tell me I look beautiful

as you brush a small, dark eyelash

from my cheek into the palm of your hand.

“Make a wish,” you say.

Two nights have passed

and I am between my own sheets

in a shirt that isn’t mine

It smells like more than a memory this time.

I am tired, but filled

with the wine of astonishment.

At last I am found,

and so I write:

“Your expression to me is truth,

and our communication is proof;

I move through you

like May into June

But with you, too

like rain dancing with noon

& I miss you

like wind misses dusk and the dunes.

I envision you dressed,

in a tie and a suit

You’re tired and cute

with your eyes in a swoon;

You don’t lie to me, and I know

that to hide is to lose

I’ve walked this path before,

just never with you.

We play and peruse

until passion ensues

Soul to Soul speech


like treasure in blue.

The pressure I’m feeling

is my heart turned anew;

earth: you’re my hearth rug,

my fire is for you.”

& now the warmth between us

is the way love feels

Enter new life

By Res Lauren


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