2nd Place Winner of the 2017-2018 Winter Poetry Contest

Hello everyone meet Madi Gipson:

I am originally from New Zealand, live in Australia currently studying at San Diego state university and I run track. I am a communication major and looking to begin a career in the field of journalism. I got inspired to write pretty much because I was introduced to it through a previous relationship and fell in love with it immediately. I gained some good writing material from my own self accomplishments or strife. Along with heart break that has come which makes for good writing material. Overall, I just get lost in it when I start writing and it sends me to another world where I can be as creative and carefree as I need to be.



The 2nd Place Winning Poem by Madi

What love feels like 

Step 1: 

A crowded space

Lost in the sea of endless faces

That are only significant in your dreams

All of a sudden

Your eyes meet

Just for a second

Your heart skips

As you pass each other

It’s as if the world around you

Slows down

Time becomes nothing more than just another social construct

a figment of imagination

Because in that brief time together

Is all that seems to matter

Step 2: 

You look back

Paused time

Grasping onto thick tension

Hoping those brown eyes look back at you

And they do

Step 3:

A smile emerges on your face

Hoping it doesn’t come across creepy

You mutter the words


Step 4:

The courage you had a internal battle with won

As your feet walk as if on their own

To an intoxicating energy

You cannot push away

Like two magnets

Too attractive to pull away

Step 5:

You step into each other’s reality

Become nothing but one entity

It’s too hard to form the words

But you speak with your minds

And that’s all the silence you need to hear

To know what each other are thinking

Step 6: 

You pulled up a chair and sat in my mind and said hey it’s me

A voice so soothing it was as if I had known it forever

Your heart beat synchronized with mine.

  • Madi



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