1st Place Winner of the 2017-2018 Winter Poetry Contest – Brandon Smith

Here’s a short bio:
Hi my name is Brandon, aka ShallowNthaDeep. I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, and moved to Arizona 8 years ago. I’ve been writing poetry for about 11 years now. I enjoy art of all kinds, short walks on the beach, and conspiracy theory documentaries. Check out more of my poetry at http://www.lavidarosa.org!
(Side note, I’m terrible with short bios. Wanted to plug a collab project I’ve been working on hence the link above, but only if that’s okay with you! Let me know if you need any other info from me or if my bio needs more)

Brandon’s Page

1st Place Winning Poem on What Love Feels Like…

What is love to you?
What does it feel like?
Do you seek it, like searching amongst the heavens for familiar stars?
Often mistaking constellations for helicopters in the night sky.
Is it something you wait for?
A promise of what’s to come, just on the horizon like tomorrow.
Patience being a virtue, the slow tick tock echoing as grains spill from the hourglass.
Tracing hearts in the sand before the wind blows it all away.
Love feels like an etch-a-sketch nowadays.
Tentatively drawn lines trace portraits of growing desire
Grandiose displays of affection artfully displayed
Then poof. Shaken and stirred, vanishing into the abyss of life only to start anew.
Sometimes love feels like poison.
Sweet nectar dripping from soft lips
Venomous sweet somethings
The kind that slows ya heartbeat, a slow death with a smile on my face.
Dark chocolate and honey betwixt caramel thighs
Everything melts.
Too much of a good thing.
That shit will kill you, brotha.
At least it’ll feel good.
Other times love feels like God.
That happy medium between breezy and warm days.
Like the perfect sunset at 5:35 pm
It sounds like perfect melodies, like your favorite part of your favorite song
Love sounds like your name spoken by the one who holds your heart.
It sounds like bright laughter and wind chimes blowing carelessly in soft winds.
It sounds like truth and affirmation
Like a call to action.
It sounds like peace.
Love feels like rain,
Like booming thunder and the applause of lightning dancing in the night sky.
Frightening. Exciting.
Breath catching as you anxiously await the next flash of brilliance.
Low rumbles in the distance like hunger pains, yearning for that soul food.
Love feels like a combination of balance and turbulence.
Yin and yang.
That sweet spot between comfort and dysfunction.
It feels like mom’s prayers
And comforting words that say
Everything is okay. Or will be.
Love feels, smells, tastes, sounds, looks like
The beginning and end of it all.
The reason we exist.

  • Brandon Smith

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