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We are a collective of artist, more so a collection of art, in our natural state. Even as individuals, we aspire to inspire, elevate, and contribute to culture. Currently hanging out in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California we aim to create vibes and waves that will brighten days, posit thought provoking info, and challenge current norms and standards. We are here to inspire all of mankind by restoring often omitted traditions. As individuals we cover the span of Poetry, Dance, Music Production, Visual Art, Fine Art, Modeling, and Entertainment.

Our Priorities:

  • Bringing the I Am Root Co. experience to you!
  • Properly compensating staff and artists
  • Greater production value

In advance we thank you for your support, we praise you for your courage and faith in our collective.

Art is all around us; in its various forms it educates, it heals, it inspires, and does so much more. We have a group of artists who are passionate, selfless, and embody exactly what it means to be living art.

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