Out on the Edge

Out on the edge is where you see the difference between what you are and what you want to be or could be…


Much is to be said for the time in life you come to realize that your dreams aren’t just dreams, that they are seeds that you are hoping to bear enough fruit to never have to worry about another meal, and the same along your lineage….


Out on the edge is where you see the separation between what you have and what you desire, you know, what’s still left out there…


For so many of us, what we own, it is never enough… our crib wont ever big enough, our cars – never fast enough… On the flip of the wick some could careless for a life less of Love and only live for moments of family and genuine hugs….


Out on the edge is where time stands still, adrenaline kicks in, and shit gets real.


We never learned how to decide, what the best move is, or How we supposed to get too the indoor heated pools from these pissed stained city streets… Complacency for some is weak, for others it’s strength, and there are plenty of people who say it depends, all on the fence, but the beauty in these gems stem from something heaven sent, you’ve got leverage and a whole life to live. Invest these dreams and eat the expense, because when it comes to deciding whether or not you prevail, 9/10 won’t say it depends…


Out on the edge what do we make of these dreams, what does it mean to balance the screams in my head and the ones our LED screens…


Each year we advance the digital programming that connects us, cause we just got to tell the world about our breakfast, just make sure that you leave out all the restless nights asking God why and how come he gave you this life, twist life, cause @lilpoprocks21 thinks you living a bliss life, he been asking God to switch lifes, but what you see aint what you get, looking in the mirror is one thing, but look at life out on the edge…


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