All we got is words

Forms of visions well versed

In a history deemed cursed.


Our worth was etched in cursive

On a grounding well perversed

So it was inevitable that the real stories would surface.


When I think about my future

It’s always in the one after neutral

So I pray to God that the blessings reign fruitful

And that the universe still finds my heart useful…


No one will let you do anything in life

But at the same time you got to believe

That no one can stop you either

So may your intentions be ether

Jet fuel to steel infrastructures.


How much longer til’ we get it right?
How many days must pass nights
Before we find the beauty of what we possess in side…

Love in just a finite life…

With so much emotion in our blood
Ao much terror in our past
It’s hard for us to see the lessons
Necessary to push us pass this…

How much longer do our mother’s have to wait, staying up late wondering if we made it?
Street lights on…

We saving dates for memorials
Cause my lil brothers marrying their fates
And that aisle is more of a gun barrel
And for the ones that aint dying

It’s more going on inside
Running into that employment error…

I aint really pointing fingers
Or claiming to discover new lands
Im just a man far removed from any division
Soley in place to connect the disconnected
In a world filled with hate, love, sex, and facebook comments…

This all to say, I know its getting hot right now
And whether you are on the left or the right
It’s all ways cooler in the shade
We can turn anything around if we approach in the right way…


Dom S. Flagg 2016


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