The Power of Sensation

My inner monologue has become clouded with messy memes and pop culture references. I can’t calculate the radius of a circle off the top of my head, but I can tell you which of the Kardashians are a meme this week.

We can live stream war zones and fall in love through video chat. Videos of regular, everyday people can go viral and millions of people can share in one person’s delight, or pain. This generation is in a unique situation as we are the first to experience efficiency of information sharing.

How do you escape the constant noise produced by a world of information that never sleeps? How do you find an identity?

U N P L U G.

Do you know what it’s like to feel an intentional pause in connection?

Terrifying and peaceful all at once. To be left alone with your own original thoughts, can create a symphony of unique ideas and innovation. Find a meditation app that plays gentle nature music, go for a walk, think about the different flavors in the food you eat today.

Indulging in sensory activities allows the mind to be present. When you are present, you can connect with your truest self. Information Generation, please unplug regularly to enjoy the power of sensation. Peace Family.






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