Stream of Conciousness

I was high as fuk
no drugs just love
I woke up in the morning with my pen in my hand just to show love
just to know love
just to
just to grow love
like they grow cannabis

Nah no coincidence
yeah I planted this
So go ahead plant that kiss
right up on my left cheek
And watch the roots begin to sprout
Right about next week

Dont you try to finess me
Rather, why wont you just
Invest in me
And witness
The Sprout Up
So that you can harvest
From this grind
even when the clouds up

Dont let your stress
Decide whether or not
You are apart history
Cause if you aint about a mission
Then existence will be a mystery

Before we keep going
I just gotta ask,

Why you want to leave behind misery?

Cause misery needs company
And we all capitalists,
At the end of the day
So that misery gone cost ya
So unless you can manage
To be the boss,
Set your own hours
And tell that sad hoe ‘Misaray’ to clock out…
Id advise you to kick
A new rhythm
Look up some real traditions
Then focus up
and start livin

Don’t let them
Rain on your parade
Dont let the haters
Throw shade
They all
trash like
Stress weed…
Off track
Like bad weaves…
Nothing that
Sephora or Mac
Make up Could adress…

We talking about your flaws
And i havent seen you blemished yet

So focus on what you need
Cause we all got problems
We all hate bills
So we all chasing commas,
And the more commas
The more problems
And we find ourselves
Falling of course
Cause at most
We just wanted to
Upgrade the porch
Of Where our mommas live…
A new address
On some other shit
Leave behind the average
Cause the grass suppose to be greener
When you cross the bridge.

And when it comes to bridges
We got to Cross them with caution
And build more than we burn
And forgive,
What it cost us!

Cause its people like you
That make it hard for people like me….

But there is next to nothing you could
Tell me about the things that i believe
That will taint me from reaching
The same highs
that i preach about

So shout out to the community of folks
That stay reaching out

Cause in order to make something out of nothing
We got to keep launching…
We got to keep mobbing…
We got to stay connected
And pass on respect,
And advance the movement
And if you ever see a poet to afraid to rip

Tell em’ ‘spit that shit, spit that shit POET’

We the caged voices
That they slipped a microphone
With pain and perspective
So It’s our mission
To speak for the people thats
Feeling rejected,
Its our blessings to teach love through
Our lessons,
It’s etched in our essence
To be the constant light
Among the madness

And for anyone passing judement
Be sure to quote me right,
Peep game and hold it tight
Flow potent
Its only right…


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