The Mission – Tremell Gray – Summer 17′ Rooted Minds Blog Poetry Contest Submission

The Mission

Learning lessons.

On top of that, life is also about blessings.

Fuck what life is supposed to be in society’s eyes
Because those niggas make it seem
Like it’s peaches and cream,

Saying it’s like an infrared beam,
Straight to its point.

That’s a fuckin lie.

I truly despise
muhfuggas who don’t want to grind
In some type of way
Instead, they choose
To infuse
In their demise.

Nigga not I.

Catch me strategizing
So I can multiply
And rise
To my guaranteed potential.

These other niggas are hopeless and tired,
Not knowing that life is detrimental

People look at me like
They know what I been through

I just put on my disguise
And let them think they know what is true.

You have to try and grow in this shit
Because if you don’t,
Then what have you done with it?

I know it takes time to do this
but you got to be able to get better
After each to do list
Is made.
You either do that
Or you catch life’s fists,
Straight to the mane.

I can’t deal with that shit mane.

You realize you can’t deal
When you find that beauty in life,
When you find out what’s real.

You also find out what’s fake
Like an Achilles heel
Because nothing in life is given to you on training wheels.
It might start off that way
But you have to build, my nigga, build.

Show that will
That you showed when you was poppin them pills,
Breaking them down and putting them in glasses
That were chilled.
When you turning up
It gets real in the field,
You got niggas that’s willing to crack your whole windshield
Over baked beans that’s already spilled.
We all prisoners to life
And the ills
That come with it
But it’s all about how strong our will
To make all life’s bullshit, yield.

Being 26
And taking my risks,
Damn near calling it quits
On so many occasions,
I’ve realized that taking life for granted
Is the biggest mistake
You can make.
Take it by the throat
Forsake all those who don’t believe

I ain’t trying to tell you what to do
But I just want you to achieve.

I just want us to agree
That life right now as it seems
Might be crazy
But keep on riding,
Even when you might be on E.

Even when it’s nothing left.

And when you get to that point,
And you still happy,
That’s one of them feelings where life is the best.

Live laugh love
Your life.


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