#RelationshipGoals – Theresa Ambwa – Summer 17 Poetry Contest


Relationship goals…
From the beginning to the end
It’s surely a process.

From the spark of the idea
Of a significant other,
Till death do you part

It takes time and effort
Until you are awarded
The possibility of eternity

But what comes BETWEEN
Is the ups and DOWNS and,
Intertwining trials and growth

And Hope, that leads to a future promised
Of, wedding bells and
Gender reveal parties,

Homeownership and
Successful careers
That keep you financially stable

But, let’s be real.
Relationship goals are just that,
It’s something to aspire to

It’s, not the American dream
It’s, something like a necessity for most
Who long for more in life.

Its inevitable
The constant search for balance
And, eagerness for life’s homeostasis

All the while
Sleeping next to the person
That works your LAST nerve

And I mean in all the right ways
Because, how could it be wrong
If it was meant to be?

See MY goal is to
have somebody build with me
Take this Land and make it ours

Lay the foundation of friendship and,
Build up the walls of trust
Take cover beneath the compassion

And, paint it all with Love
And at the center will be
You, me, and our God.

Relationship goals…
Yes, our Lord & Savior will be the core
Cause that is the way it’s supposed to be

He was nailed to the cross
So that He can be the glue
For what’s brought together

And no man can tear it apart
If it’s not their destiny and,
It’s only HIS will, that shall be done…

MY goal is to become one.
I wanna know how you
Like your coffee in the morning.

I wanna finish your sentences
And, annoy you by
Eating off of your plate.

I wanna fight and forgive
And, I wanna Fuck and make kids
to some rap music.

Hell I wanna look like you when we grow old
And I, Still wanna flirt like
Teenagers in the school hallways,

Until the bell rings
And we’re called home…
Now that’s goals

Theresa A.



5 thoughts on “#RelationshipGoals – Theresa Ambwa – Summer 17 Poetry Contest

  1. “Relationship goals are just that,
    It’s something to aspire to”…

    I concur wholeheartedly, I aspire for all that or maybe a little less too. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!


  2. RelationshipGoaps we are strive for that !! Amazing and powerful words Theresa!
    I went to a 60th anniversary party this past Saturday. When I saw just how deeply in love they still are with one another. I thought about your poem, especially the last line
    “Until the bell rings
    And we’re called home…
    Now that’s goals”


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