#Goals by Madi Gipson – Rooted Minds Blog Summer 17 Poetry Contest Submission

I fell in love again
Something I thought wouldn’t happen
A reason I chose to fend… for myself
The walls I had started to rebuild
You took down brick by brick
The emptiness I was beginning to feel
Was filled
They ask what do you see?
A glass half full or half empty?
I say you’re the glass that keeps me all in
Sunrise to sunset
I’m more than just content
My heart is whole, I’m whole again
When I stare across the room in my poorly lit bedroom
Your smile illuminates the lights that flicker in my heart
The water in my eyes as if a sea that Moses part himself
When you hold my face I feel like crying
But they aren’t tears of sadness
But of all the emotions we lie in
Take the covers off – let everyone see
Being next to you
Your presences is pure ecstasy
I foresee our future together
As you write your story on my body
Caress the intellect of my mind where in retrospect I think about how the others were a waste of time
That’s the type of love I imagine
A pool full of love that we now stand in
A love now that I don’t have to imagine
I want to dive into the depths of your soul
Float in your mistakes, swim in your broken heart, your pain
And mend what damage the rest had made
I no longer want to be blissfully ignorant hoping for a perfect relationship
Because with you
It’s imperfectly perfect
That’s what I hold true
You are my life, you are my heart
I will do everything in my power to never hurt you no matter what
Our love is ours to make so we should take it sort of love
I don’t get high but when I look into your eyes I’m lifted
He weeds out my insecurities
My perspective of him has shifted
Onto a man that has so much potential
Not even he can see
How inspirational he can be
One day he’ll understand
He’s got everything it takes
The love of my life
My king


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