The Gavel

The Gavel


It’s all in the image

So that means

It’s all about how you present it

and in a world of misfits

I can’t seem to get this generation

To listen


For me,


I was never quite told what I wanted to hear

Because I fell in love with a world that is more comforted

In projecting the surreal


As I breach this world’s forbidden sector

may the judger’s implications forever vector


leaving me faced with yet another dilemma, because

the hip bone is connected to the back bone

and our backbone is now the iPhone

and we are all addicted to something

but no one is addicted to love, just situations


Speaking of situations,

we live in a world so cold

The people you care most about

can give no fucks about you


The people that you share your dreams with

Will suck the life’s blood from the root

Until your body turns blue

Then turn around to lie in your face

and sure I am open to trust,  but i need to see the proof


The gavel is closure for the things tainting our lives

When I slam it down on the crown of aged oak wood

I feel the shattering of all shallow ties

Breaking on first contact


That’s because fake friends will never last and

The longer that you hold on to them

The more that is your ass

That’s on the line


This is probably why I can’t trust anybody

See I’ve been stabbed way too many times

So the blood left in my body is reserved for my future wife

So that we could have a few kids of our own

Who never have to see any parts of my old life


Excuse me if a come off a bit too aggressive

I’ve had uncles and cousins fall victim to life in the streets

So I have no motives to fancy the life of a person

Of no interest to me

If you are not a benefit then you are a detriment

And it was only to your pleasure that we meet


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