Poetry Notes 04:19 pm

Here are some notes on how I feel about my writing: I always think about how to become a better writer. Each time I make some progress I realize how long the list is and that it all does not necessarily have to do with writing. In order to become a better writer, I’d have to be a better Life Experiencer, a better Lover, a better Teacher, a better Student, a better human, a better Second Chance Giver, a better Risk Taker, a better Business-man, a better Employee, a better Boyfriend, a better son, cousin, uncle, nephew, grandson, great-grandson, etc…

Our writings are moments of transcription between the Mind, The Brain, The Wrist, and The Tongue. They work in tandem to allow us to achieve ideas on a page, or in a smartphone, on Bowling Alley napkins, or Gas Station receipts. When I think about my dreams and how to make them complete, they tend to result in a necessity for really good writing. Which leads me to a world of wondering, wondering how exactly I could become a better writer.

Do I want to be a better writer for the ‘ME’ or for ‘YOU’?

Answering this will determine how I can become a better writer for purposes that serve myself or for purposes that serve my audience (the YOU). All in all, it is a process that I respect. And as I grow as a human, I will grow as a writer. As I experience more in my real life, I will experience more in my writing. Experiencing more with my writing will allow me to write from a more real place, that allow my experiences to lead the innovative parts of my brain during the transcription from ideas/emotions to words the my peers can understand.


Peace, just wanted to share.


Dom Root 2017



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