The Chapter of Hagar from The God’s Graffiti Project

Hagar: Why I Smile: You Are Not Alone

Like Hagar, my moms didn’t have it all either,

17 in the wild streets of LA with a baby and a dream,

On the bus, busting missions down Crenshaw.

She did a real good job at pretending like we had it all,

She gave me so much of her love and comfort,

I couldn’t tell the difference between rich or poor, until christmas.

Quote often I s get compliments on my grin and I know that

I got your teeth, cause when these lips part,

You are the reason, I smile.

I smile not because everything is perfect, but

Because one day it will be and I may not be here to enjoy it.

Malcolm and Martin taught me that tomorrow is never promised

Especially when you aim to re-assemble a culture or father a nation.

So I cherish every moment we endured,

I cherished those lessons.

I smile because you never graduated and we’ve come a long way

Now the vessels that we are today owes credit to those old days

And even without a diploma or a degree you are the greatest person in the world to me.

We were vulnerable as a family and at times it seemed like we wouldnt make it out,

but as our leader you assembled a team and I played my role,

I smile because We made it even in

situations that were delivered with no pity, no slack

You taught me the importance of sacrifice and work, 7 days no breaks

Yeah, mama I noticed that

You invested in every dream I had from football to producing, and

I work  to show my appreciation of that.

I smile because you didn’t blame me for our misfortune, even when I blamed myself.


You were open and honest for the most part, about our struggles

And never let me witness a situation that you could not handle.

I smile because we survived and greater days are closer

I remember when the storage place auctioned off all our things,

What I miss most is that one paper sheet, which went up on the wall with the Lord’s Prayer on it


I smile because you introduced me to the existence of God

And with the guidance of Grandma too, we couldn’t be stopped.


I smile because we are loved and I know that one day

You will never have to work again,

And you will never have to want for anything.

Because over the years you have given so many people everything,

So it is my obligation to ensure that you still see your dreams.

I smile because, well mom that Range you’ve always wanted is on the way

God will return our things 10fold

And when you are ready, I’ll have that tuition paid

And you can revisit your dream, as

My gift to reward your dedication to this family…


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