#JusListen – Entasis by Myke Tyler

Artist: Myke Tyler

Song: Entasis

Instagram: Iammyketyler

Twitter: FreschAyer

Nativeland: Fresno, CA

‘Honestly I would like my music to be understood where people wouldn’t expect to capture that view on life, also reshaping my lyrics to where what you say isn’t based on the meaning but your expression and attitude giving that people wouldn’t expect to view the term “Entasis” as a reference to a women who feels she was design wrong but that’s where society gets it wrong everybody has a love for somebody is the case I was giving in my song “if Nobody sees the beauty in who and What you are just No that I do” so with that said is what I would want my music to do is change and shift the mind in how he/she should be thinking giving a new outlook on life achievements and Hardship.’

Myke Tyler – 05/21/17 11pm


So hello I Go By Myke Tyler this song represents learning to love the things that you lack and understand that there’s some body for everybody that looks at perfection differently and love things about you differently so understand it’s not a mistake that you evolve into what you became its what you embrace that I came to be.

Prod. Koncepts
Copyrights by Myke Tyler

from Mike Tyler Soundcloud Page


#JustListen Review:

We got to take a listen to Myke Tyler’s ‘Entasis’ and thought that sonically it was a real alluring record. It has overall good vibes and the message is strong, so points are gained automatically on that note. Looking to help others redefine how they see flaws or understand them is pretty dope. Showing people how to Love, Value, and Appreciate themselves in a world full of opinions is vital to the culture, something many artists take a swing at, but not too many can execute. It is important that we put necessary narratives in music that also sounds good and Myke Tyler delivered! Some responses that come to mind are ‘wavy, cool/chill, I love it, interested to hear more, great tone of voice…’

‘That song is viiiibbeesss. I really like it. Definitely a good song to just chill at home with candles/ incense burning reflecting on how much you genuinely love yourself lol. The little (Persian Rugs) break down was an intriguing and informative little addition. Sweet and soulful vibesss!’ – SM

There was a pretty good placement of the vocals in the mix, that’s good to be able to hear the vocals clearly over the instrumental. Harmonies and background vocals had a good mix on them too. There weren’t any moments where I felt like the vocals were too effected by reverbs, delays, or some type of modulation; you could understand the vocals and here everything pretty well. The song came in really smooth, then maintained a consistent vibe all the way through. The breakdown as was mentioned, was cool as well, painting a more clear picture for the listener. The beat is nice and had a good overall mix on it, the drums were groovey and in the pocket. Would have enjoyed feeling a little more of the kick-drum in the mix though. The keys/synths were sitting pretty nice and fit well with everything else. Shout-out to the producer on this record for sure!

Myke has something special going on and we are tuned in for the progress.

In terms of originality, a few of us were left still seeking more with the lyrics/story. We obviously rock with the song and if this was track #3 on an album, I’m sure we’d be less inclined to ask for more diversity in writing. So just checking out this song, someone could say it could benefit from diving deeper into the conversation of flaws or perceived flaws. The idea of a person having to live for themselves and accept their imperfections, instead of listening to what another person thinks about that person, is not necessary a completely new idea to address in writing. R & B is so dense and a lot of stories get retold in different ways, we think this record held it down and glad we were introduced to it, nonetheless.

We are definitely interested in hearing more from Myke Tyler and hope that you all #JusListen and give this young working artist a follow, and show him some love.

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