Spring 17′ Poetry Contest 3rd Place Winner (2) – Joy Kendrick


‘Joy, a native of California has always been a writer since she learned words could create meaningful metaphors.  A self-educated woman with a passion for the arts, food and learning she began to take modeling serious after placing first runner up in her very first beauty pageant Miss Black Arizona 2012.  After taking a break from modeling for about a year she began to hone her craft in various hair and fashion shows throughout the valley.  With a positive mind and the tenacity of a entrepreneur the process of branding herself as a model, poet and foodie started.  As a creative being she draws her inspiration from life itself and hopes that her journey for freedom and dream accomplishment  will inspire others to seek for love and joy in their lives.’

It dawned on me

The darkness of their shadow

The stark reality of the false vision they cling to

Is disrupts me

Discomforts the light that shines within me

We live in two different places

Fact and fiction

I disregarded their nature for a misunderstanding

A misinterpretation of my own discernment

I was them

Consciously aware of my difference

The thirst for greatness existed among us

But we were shadows

Overcast from a sun that failed to shine upon us

We hid in the crevices of our minds

Our fears

I was like them, willingly

Too afraid to embrace my own reality

Then it dawned on me

The sun

The brightness of consciousness

The beauty of self realization

Truth in its splendor

I longed for its favor

The decadence of knowing it’s ways

But I cowered

I was spotted

By them, they acknowledged my desire to triumph

I wished they would come

But how could they

Shadows and darkness were all they’ve ever known

Why would they leave

The brightness of the sun puzzled me

But I embraced it

Adored the array of colors

It dawned on me

I was different


They, I fear will never leave


Joy Kendrick

 My media handles are the following: Facebook – Joy The Model,  Joy Kendrick, & The Food of Joy ; Instagram  – @therealjoyk & @thefoodofjoy;  Twitter – @queen_intellect ; Snapchat – @thaperfectverse ; Pinterest – @therealjoyk


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