Spring 17 Poetry Contest 2nd Place Winner – Madi Gipson

IG: im.madig and snapchat is: madigipss

madi g

Who gets to define me?

Me, right? Wrong — that’s what people in society think — if I said they were wrong

would you even blink? It is put into our minds that we must conceptualise what is ours —

– through the eyes that is not ours.

For this reason I must bring attention to this misconception — that I am what everyone

defines me as

We live in a era of where it is no longer — I am, but rather — you are

I come from a generation of self hate, and if you don’t participate, you’re “stuck up”

— I question why we self discriminate?

Why don’t we come to love what we have to this day

Love thyself — ain’t that what the bible say? But why are we personifying God on

everyone else?

“There’s a miscommunication” … Sorry but I understand your interpretation — of me —

– my body, my mind, my soul is not for you to place your judgement on, nor will it ever


Life influenced by [social] media, but why do I feel we are no longer in touch socially.

As I stare at the brightened screen, I feel no warmth, no depth, no sanity, —beneath

these fingers I routinely check —Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, — did I check

Instagram? We are so quick to stamp our subjective views on already tainted marked

territory — that we have lost our originality — lacking different personalities. Females

dressed in lingerie — is this what you ladies really want to portray?

How did we become to accustomed to —this — lets call it what it is — pornography on

our page.

What was once hard to find now is not hard to define — a ho— what does this mean


Because what I externalise is not what I expect to be objectified by

I want to be undressed mentally, that connect on a soul level, (that “hashtag goals” level ?)

— but my image is defined but a button, a post

There was a time I lacked self confidence, so I guess I can understand why these girls put

themselves out there ” but then I thought back, back to a better me” — j Cole says —

Why can’t we all have this type of mentality? — because there is a better us.

Some of us fear that we won’t exist — that the judgement of others is somehow the love

we need to fill this void of emptiness — and if it ain’t this “love”, it’s just “the haters”.

Is the love you so desperately desire, based simply off your what you wear — or rather

your lack of attire— so maybe I’m just a hater g

we decide to inhale our own love and exhale confidence

Because everyone is beautiful just not everyone can see it

Bio: I am originally from New Zealand, live in Australia currently studying at San Diego state university and I run track. I am a communication major and looking to begin a career in the field of journalism. I got inspired to write pretty much because I was introduced to it through a previous relationship and fell in love with it immediately. I gained some good writing material from my own self accomplishments or strife. Along with heart break that has come which makes for good writing material. Overall, I just get lost in it when I start writing and it sends me to another world where I can be as creative and carefree as I want.


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