Spring 17′ Poetry Contest 3rd Place Winner (2) – Joy Kendrick

‘Joy, a native of California has always been a writer since she learned words could create meaningful metaphors.  A self-educated woman with a passion for the arts, food and learning she began to take modeling serious after placing first runner up in her very first beauty pageant Miss Black Arizona 2012.  After taking a break from modeling for about a year she began to hone her craft in various hair and fashion shows throughout the valley.  With a positive mind and the tenacity of a entrepreneur the process of branding herself as a model, poet and foodie started.  As a … Continue reading Spring 17′ Poetry Contest 3rd Place Winner (2) – Joy Kendrick

Spring 17 Poetry Contest 3rd Place Winner – Spirit!

The Woman That I Rejected I am the woman that I rejected because she wasn’t pretty enough to keep attention i mean what is beauty if its not of convention She is too wild, too strong, too her self to ever be me I’d rather be the woman on my screens with long weaves and diamond rings you know the girl that all the guys want. So i poisoned my mind and rejected my heart and filled my life with promises of false art lost from the start and going nowhere fast Past trash recycled into bling I rejected who … Continue reading Spring 17 Poetry Contest 3rd Place Winner – Spirit!

Spring 17 Poetry Contest Winner – Aaron Lee Pharoah Taliaferro

Instagram:@_talia_ferro_ Facebook: Aaron Lee Pharoah Taliaferro Embrace Ya Self I say embrace yourself you gotta face yourself Why you tryin to so hard To erase ya self? I was property stricken On health care restriction So poor i couldn’t afford to pay attention But listen… That was life to me, Thought thats how life was suppose to be Sure We had state funded healthcare When moms was on welfare But most times.. Just home care , Those rare times she showed care So the fact that I never smiled Is directly connected to the 34 years my smile never connect … Continue reading Spring 17 Poetry Contest Winner – Aaron Lee Pharoah Taliaferro

Art Business Workshops

Happy Friday! I am excited to announce that I have partnered with the Phoenix Center For The Arts to put together a series of 3 workshops designed to help artists who are wanting to learn more about the business of being a working artist. Registration is only $20/ workshop and $5 for middle and high school teens. We will cover things like using social media, marketing, branding and a few other important topics. I have been a working artist for a few years but I quit my full time job over a year ago to pursue my career and have accomplished/ learned … Continue reading Art Business Workshops

90’s Songs… and go!

Let us hear it in the comments, what 90’s Songs should we cover on the 13th!? [Please Share] I Am Root Co. Presents: Can I Kick It? 90’s Themed Open Mic! Come out for a fun evening of Poetry, Music, Networking, Comedy, Games, and Old School vibes. We will be singing all of your favorite jams from the 90’s and Early 2000’s and letting some new faces hit the mic. Hosted by Fransisco Phoenics Sound Track by DJ Godzilla Beats by Dom Root Saturday, May 13th 2017 Doors Open @ 8pm $10 Cash $8 via Bravo App The performance list … Continue reading 90’s Songs… and go!