Population reduction or take serious the challenge of space-time.

Population reduction or take serious the challenge of space-time.

To destroy the conspiracy theorist if you think anyone is holding back information that says it’s impossible to go into space, all the elite need to do is prove that it is impossible to control the world the way they want, this is unless you are to saying part of their goal is to dangle the prospect of a space based future in front of the average person’s face so they will work as slaves.

If we are to take serious the future the real debate is not whether or not the elite are withholding information that would confirm no alternative, but to actually sit down and come up with a game plan forward.

Here is the more likely scenario, the “elite” do not know what to do as much as you do, because they like you are humans.

While they might have special access to the best things humans have ever created, so do you.

Life extension technology has already been deployed to yourself, 200 years ago the average age of humans was a mere 35 years old.

As you read this article, a network of devices created with math energy and refined resources allows billions of humans to interact with each other under the right circumstances instantly.

The funny thing about you reading this is that for most of human history we could not read or write, and you could share this with almost everyone you know and they could understand at least the words if not concepts in this paper.

How did we get to a place where we are capable of reading, writing, and have grocery stores full of foods?

Hard work, a dedication to responsibility, and most importantly some courage.

The sacrifice of the past was simply one thing, us pushing forward regardless of the obstacle.

Humans built boats and traveled around the entire globe, think of life on those boats, think of being at natures will, forcing the issue, doing the one thing humans can do given the immensity of everything.

Build a way forward was harder than what we are doing now, it was so hard to kill our way to the top of the food chain, why is it now so hard for us to see how we can still fight.

Fight for our freedom, fight for our home, fight for earth, or at least fight so we do not have to suffer.

It seems like we are giving up and it’s proven this is the safest humans have ever been, where does this disconnect come from?

I can not diagnosis it for you, think, please think hard, about your life, why are you afraid?

Do the research please, if you are afraid of murder and you live in america there was only 9,000 murders in 2013.

In fact in 2013 there were 9 million total crimes, if all of those were murders each committed by one person that means 10 out of 10 american did not harm a soul, or 99.97 percent of everyone you could know or less than .03 percent of Americans would be murders under the most ridiculous of scenarios.

And if we are smart enough to know why the above sentence is exactly why statistics are bullshit, why are we then not smart enough to use the data to inform our worldview.

Just because the statistic does not give you 100 percent accurate information about an event doesn’t mean you can not use that information to better understand what is going on.

Like people who are addicted to gambling we chase after our fears instead of informing ourselves in proper patterns of behavior.

In 1985 the United Nations made a declaration to reduce world hunger in half by 2015, they were able to achieve the goal of increasing the access to food to half of those who had inadequate sustenance 2 years early in 2013.

At the end of reading this paper, and at the end of this day you will find yourself in the greatest time period ever forged.

And as you lay yourself down to sleep I ask you to think of the future, and believe that it is possible.

Because if we do not start imagining the future we will lose all of the progress we have made as a species together, at the time when we are the least violent towards each other we let each other starve or go without water.

The future should look like you working on yourself, like a Jedi or a Sith, a monk or a scholar, why is surfing for the rest of your life a bad thing?

Its because you are selfish and insecure, you have not been told that in the right context, that given the past you are a violent evil creature who has tamed themselves in honor of something, something we have forgotten.

It’s not that we have reached the end of anything, we are still at the beginning, we are still younglings waiting to hear the end of the story so we can go act it out.

Well, please come sit at the fire:

A long long time from now in a galaxy far far away there will be an entity that rises that will destroy all of the universe, but by the grace of everything a clever little species grow and built and grew a built and eventually defeated that evil and the universe would last forever, we are that species.

We can go as far a we tell ourselves, and we are not doing a good job at explaining tomorrow as something realer than today, which is why we are focused so much on the here and now.

The present is fleeting, the past is prolific, and the future is the only real thing we can play with.

How do you play with the future, by telling yourself right now forever every time it comes up why you keep moving, why you drive towards your goal.

Our goal as a species should be to avoid population reduction in favor of eternal population increase.

There will be changes that need to be made, but those changes will not hurt as much any more, we live longer, we are no longer subjected to violence like we were as we combated nature for our livelihood.

We have built for ourselves something truly amazing something worth fighting for.

The 21st century is not a joke, it’s our grand test, are we really humans or were we just primates?

The other species would let nature take its course, the other species would let their numbers dwindle because the challenge was over their heads, we are not those species, we are really here in the future, and the choices are take that serious or watch people die.



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