Mad Million – Recap

Man, for those who have had a chance to enjoy the extended version of my Mad Million Project, I’d like to thank you. Each listen is valuable, plus you could have been doing anything else with your time.

Mad Million: We all have something to be Mad about, especially right now; life just can’t please us all.

I have been into music since I was about 10 and now, 14+ years later, I am able to confidently share a collection of work with the world (a mixtape). My hope is to showcase my very versatile ability, to begin producing, writing, and mixing for others. Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to dissect ‘Mad Million’ and see a little bit of what I am about. I’m writing this to you all, just to let you know where my head was when constructing the project and a hint of what to expect.

Spoken Word is another really huge passion of mine, so within my music I enjoy finding ways to blend the two and remain outside of the box. I have been into poetry since I was 11 years old, I began performing my Poetry back in 2011. This project was my introduction to the public as an artist that is more than just a poet. I wanted the pieces in this collection/mixtape to hit hard and be to the point.

The instrumentals were nearest to my heart, as I want to produce and help artists craft their sound, while providing them with a tasteful ‘Dom Root’ sound. I wanted to keep the instrumentals gritty to supplement the ‘Mad Million’ vibe. If you are a lyricist, then you may have freestyled in between songs to the beats on the tape (I hope you did). That was basically what they were there for, to allow artists an opportunity to express their point of view and perspective about this world.  I will soon be putting out a challenge, where artists can download the instrumentals and write verses/freestyles, in order to when a Grand Prize.

More on that to come…

This tape was fun to make and now that it is completed and out there for you to enjoy, I am ready to finish my album ‘Late Night Radio’. Until then, I will be hitting the stage more and working with the I Am Root Collective to continue to raise the bar in terms of Arts and Entertainment (a few communities at a time).

IG: @DomVerbs

Thank you:

My Family

Andrew Zoer

Jenae Elise


DJ Godzilla

Travis White

Pk Tha Poet

Stefani Monet

RIP – Akai Gurley



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