Jour D’Amour

Mon amour, pour aujourd’hui…

Holding the ones we love close to our breast in hopes that they won’t turn to doves and fly away taking our love with them. Trust blossoms between our embrace. My love, for today, you are mine.

C’est un jour d’amour…

When the day of love is within our grasp, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever with the exception of this very moment; looking into the eyes of my beloved. This is a day of love, friendship, openness and desire. Although this day will not last forever, I hope your eyes, that look, does.

Mon cœur, ton mains…

Today I give my heart fully. Without holding back any of the insecurities plaguing my subconscious mind, I give my heart. I find light in the crease of your dimpled smile. With each rise and fall of your chest, we synchronize. My heart, your hands as we cascade into fullness.

Notre amour toujours

My beloved, every day is bathed in our love. Everyday we bless the world with what true love looks like. We set an example. Our love, divinely inspiring, all ways.

Happy day of love.


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