Bob Wilson’s monster

Praise Bob and it’s time for the TSOG to feed Doom i say doom The system is falling the system is falling And the people won’t tell the truth The system is fine they are falling In love with themselves for power And the TSOG has fattened them And they are without Gretel’s  bone Fat i tell you, lairs I proclaim They will not tell you they are in a cage They will say shame not my body But it’s time, time for them to be feed, feed to the TSOG And they will walk right into its mouth plump … Continue reading Bob Wilson’s monster

Stop eating GOD’s flesh

Nietzsche was wrong on his most famous point, it was not the death of GOD that would usher in nihilism, it was always there, nihilism, the thing holding it back was GOD’s body, we had sacrificed the being long long ago when religious wars started, GOD barely lived. What Nietzsche saw was the body rotting and the little bit of flood coming out of the holes, and as the decay sets in we have begun eating the flesh accelerating the inevitability. Of course I’m not talking about water, it is our inner beast, the most dangerous animal coming forth that … Continue reading Stop eating GOD’s flesh

Jour D’Amour

Mon amour, pour aujourd’hui… Holding the ones we love close to our breast in hopes that they won’t turn to doves and fly away taking our love with them. Trust blossoms between our embrace. My love, for today, you are mine. C’est un jour d’amour… When the day of love is within our grasp, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever with the exception of this very moment; looking into the eyes of my beloved. This is a day of love, friendship, openness and desire. Although this day will not last forever, I hope your eyes, that look, does. Mon … Continue reading Jour D’Amour