Sunflower in the Storm

To love is to die and to die is to transform. To transform is to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to blossom in the unknown. A sunflower in the storm. To love is to grow despite challenge. I love my people. I die for them. Murder any conditioning that tells me to fear the melanin. I grin when I see my brothers and rejoice in the presence of my sisters. I raise my arms only to embrace them. I transform for my people. I expand deeper into my roots and I find divinity. The soul that my ancestors breathed into … Continue reading Sunflower in the Storm

@Domverbs – Free Write

On Mondays, I question things, but not the way I do on Fridays. Nah, on Mondays, I’m like what if Al Gore would have won or even Romney. What if Trump ran through the Democratic Party. I don’t specifically look to achieve some grander point, really, to say life would have been better or worst off, I’m not one to really make those assertions, but instead I just explore, almost aimlessly. On Mondays, I question things, but not the way I do on Fridays. On Fridays, I question less relevant things, maybe like why in the world do some people believe they … Continue reading @Domverbs – Free Write

LUV2017 by I Am Root Co.

Our 3rd Annual Let Us Vent Poetry and Art Show. Produced by The I Am Root Company. To Feature The I Am Root Collective and Friends: Stay Tuned for performance list… Sunday Feb. 12th 2017 Doors open at 630pm Show starts at 7pm Upscale Dress Code Enforced $13 Admission $10 Pre-Sale via Bravo Tip or Pay App 1. Download the Bravo Tipping App (google play or ios) 2. Search LUV2017 3. Purchase Desired # of Tickets Spoken Word Poetry, Musical Performances, Networking, Games, and Prizes. Hosted by Fransisco Phoenix Music by DJ Godzilla Antoinette Cauley Art Display I Am Root … Continue reading LUV2017 by I Am Root Co.

2017: Reflect and Evolve đź‘Ť

I have been in deep reflection about the ups and downs of what 2016 has come with. The ups were extremely high; I was feeling like everything I have worked for is beginning to make sense. Finishing school and moving on to graduate school was thrilling for me. It was also nerve wrecking because I would be surrounded by tough and buff academic powerhouses. It was intimidating to think about. I had to tell myself that I’m here for a reason. It’s no coincidence. God is obviously working in my life. For any student, we have to remind ourselves that … Continue reading 2017: Reflect and Evolve đź‘Ť

5 people who changed my life forever.

It sounds scary af when you really think about it. Like, “Yo, I think today I’m gonna go and quit my job that pays allllll of my bills so that I can go do what I really want to and hopefully people will give me money for it because I think I’m pretty okay at it.” L! But, when you really break it down that’s exactly what I did. It didn’t happen overnight. I actually spent months plotting and planning my exit. It wasn’t an abrupt move. No. It was calculated and timed. Almost two years ago something major happened to … Continue reading 5 people who changed my life forever.

When The Train Stops

How many times have you let the train of opportunity pass you by while you set content at the train stop on a bench made of fear and doubt? I spent my whole life thinking that I had no control over anything, not even my own success or happiness.  While working on my latest  painting  “When the Train Stops…”, a portrait of Dom Kennedy, I had a lot of time to reflect on my journey, where I have come from and where I am headed. It all came crashing down several of months ago. I remember sitting at that hard metal … Continue reading When The Train Stops

@DomVerbs – Free Write

Like music to the ears of the people who care to hear, my message is here to be felt, they mesh well with Saturday mornings, and Spring Cleaning, akin to the vibes you feel when Badu sings, or the oldies screaming in the background… It seems when we want to feel retrospect we neglect to stare into the mirror, but instead, reach for the stereo knob. Like music to the ears of the people who care to hear, my message is here to be felt… To the folks who couldn’t find a job so made a job, you did it right, you deserve your props. … Continue reading @DomVerbs – Free Write