Spirit -Winter 16 Poetry Contest Winner

‘Shattered, scattered pieces on the hardwood floor
Spell out “perfect”
Somewhere I lost the “im”
Broken me curled up in the bed,
I found the “im” in my reflection.
Imperfect is me and it took shattering to see,
Yet now i see my face
Hands shaking, heart trembling I am no longer afraid
To know who I am and rebuild from my broken place.’

Artist Bio:
Hailing from Atlanta and currently residing in NYC Spirit is a woman on a mission to heal herself and help others around her. Passionate about spirituality and self-love, Spirit can often be found speaking to many different kinds of people about their dreams, goals and their lives. She loves people and knows that life can be an arduous journey. Spirit recognized herself and changed her life for the better 4 years ago and is committed to sharing the lessons that helped her grow into the confident shining woman that she is today. Known for being fly, you can find her at the Bloomingdales on 59th street styling clients. Spirit has worked with celebrity stylists and finds ways to integrate self-love and clothing choice. One of her mottos is that, “when you look your best, you feel your best and thus you treat people better.” Why not look good and feel good?!

Spirit is not afraid to go to her dark places to find the light and she thinks with her heart. Love is her life. Check her out on instagram @spiritizlive and on Facebook you can see some of her writings under http://www.facebook.com/ev.superwoman

Spirit won a Samsung Digital Camera, Tshirt, and Stickers!


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