Repentance Prayer

I have committed acts of hurting those, who hurt others, who hurt no one. I’ve learned the lessons of a black sheep, one who’s been excommunicated, some of these acts are punishable: Be it death or a life of confinement.   In my stride to regain focus and see the light from beneath my sins, I’ve learned the lessons of a faithful servant, one who’s been a scholar and follower of the trinity since her youth. I am only a caterpillar, I ask you to take my life, wrap me, rebuild me.   Take back my flaws and rid me … Continue reading Repentance Prayer

Without Permission

We live for the green stamp of approval. Certified, quality guaranteed, 5 star rating.  We trust what we see and recognize others as a reflection of our beliefs.  Imagine if the human form was marked with tattoos of certifications and qualifications. In a world where experience determined your war paint and they would appear like a trophy on the Xbox, “New Ink Unlocked: Paw print of the loyal” Imagine if your flaws were meant to be displayed stitched between the creases of your skin. Imagine the intimacy of empathy between strangers.  I see your scarlet A and therefore see myself … Continue reading Without Permission