I get it, the world is scary.

I get it, the world is scary.

Police, warming, industrial, and so forth, the problems grow with the ages.

What then are you to do about it?

It seems you need to grow with the problems, and the age.

You see most of us have not gotten past high school level arguments.

What I mean by high school level arguments is single issue single emotion based reasoning.

The easiest example is the abortion debate.

Instead of take a detailed argument based upon data, historics, and multilayered reasoning we end up playing a game and it is fake and it is destroying our country.

If I party A makes argument x and you make argument y, the next time you debate if both of you make the same point you are horrible people.

The goal of life is not to try and remain where you were the first time you did something, if this were true you would still be feed by your parents unable to take care of yourself.

What has happened over the course of your life is you have grown, learned that your preconceived notions about how things should be are wrong, from school, to work, to love.

So then, why do you still hold the same philosophical stances over huge periods of time without deepening those arguments to better fit your level of supposed maturity.

If you consider yourself an adult and you are making the same arguments that clever 15 year olds can make what then are you?

An adult who is as smart as a clever 15 year old.

This is the 21st century you pay for the internet have a mobile computer, you have no right to not develop your own thought process personally.

You see, the reason why evil people have power is because you do not refine your arguments yourself, you offset the computation to personalities you like, this is why our nation will fail.

Instead of become adults who are capable of thinking fully for ourselves we allow ourselves to place the responsibility for knowledge on someone else.

This farce is how all the madness on the planet is happening.

So to change the world it seems all you have to do is take advantage of the very tools you are already paying for and in possession of, that and placing the moral responsibility on yourself to deepen any and every topic you constantly come across.

America is in its longest war ever and how much research have you done understanding the geopolitics of the situation?

Reversing the irresponsibility of global citizens by holding yourself only to a higher stander is why the world can get better, because human progress starts with you and your depth of knowledge.

No longer do we live in a world where you have to rely on someone else doing the work, you have to develop, grow, and deepen your own thoughts.


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