How do YOU love you? 

To love ourselves we must do what it takes to make sure we feel exceptional and fulfilled. We have to dig deeper. Subtract social influences & anything that may be a distraction. Take the time to understand ourselves from the inside out, regardless of what others may perceive. I believe that it all starts here. You and your soul, alone together.

When you love someone, you should never stop doing things to show them. This goes for self love as well. From the things that we put into our bodies, to the words that we speak out into our universe, it is all a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves.

Lately, I’ve come to find myself just wanting to feel good, to love myself more & more. I never want to stop learning how to love me. Everyday I want to care more intensely. I want to fulfill my own desire to be continuously happy, healthy, and prospering.

I will change my diet. I will journal daily. I will meditate. I will write a million songs. I will get things done now and not later. I will not let the opinions of others define me. I will read a ton of books. I will love on my loved ones & I will live my dreams because I love myself. & for me, I’ll do whatever it takes.

Be mindful. Be you. 

Peace, love & fearlessness.


How do YOU love you?


Go ahead, say it...

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