Sometime I forget just how blessed I really am. We live in a space where we over glorify our over-comings, to appear more as a great persevere-er than just a person who just played the dealt hand.

Our realities favor in a lot of ways, and often we fight to possess the smallest measurement of difference. But the clear differences in lifestyles, like the ones our forefathers led versus the ones we lead now, are important to consider. The scale on which we measure struggle can use some recalibration.

Things could definitely be worst, and to some  worst could be worse, so we should appreciate the positives and liberties we do have. Just being caught up in the daily routines can really blinds us from appreciating the little things or even the big things that we forget about. Everyone will experience this phenomena differently, but no matter how or when, it’s real, that right now for a lot of us, things are better than they’ve ever been.

I accept that there is a long road ahead and many more moments of great discernment, but it feels good to look at the scoreboard a few times, just to remind yourself how blessed we really are.


Dom S. Flagg 2016


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