Everything that I’ve seen and experienced 
has made me who I am today 
and looking back I probably wouldn’t change a thing…. 
The lows, the highs, and the in-betweens forced me to challenge my beliefs 
and whether or not I truly cared 
about what others thought of me. 
As I move about, I notice every king 
And every queen, and  
I just want to see every head held high.
I’m hoping to own a piece of our history, 
so that my grand children’s children  
learn something about me in school…
I want to see us come together to change the rules, 
I’m hoping we just come together in general, 
because they say there is power in numbers, 
so each hour, each day, I’m trying to connect and uplift because
we aren’t promised another 24
at the end of our shift.

Dom S. Flagg 2016


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