Sincerely, Your Favorite Musician

So I’ve been doing my little research about what fans want to read about when it comes to their favorite musician’s blog. One of the articles I read said that fans want to hear about their favorite artist’s favorite artist, meaning like what songs they are feeling at the time or who influences their musical style.

As I pondered the questions, I started to feel a little bad because I haven’t even been listening to much music lately.

Being the person that I am, striving to grow more and more into consciousness, I decided to keep it completely real.

Here it goes:

“Yes, I am a musician but.. I don’t listen to much music anymore”.

Lately I’ve been engrossing myself in self-help books, journaling & if I do listen to anything it’s a motivational seminar. I like to keep in mind that some things can toy with my subconscious, & I try to be careful of what types of things I feed my spirit. However, I think I may have heard all of Les Brown’s  speeches on youtube and I’m discovering new amazing speakers everyday.

I felt silly about all of this upon first analyzing my answer, but honestly, I am the artist that isn’t turning cartwheels about all of the new music out. It may seem crazy but as I’m writing, I’m realizing how beautiful this actually is, & how elated I am to be sharing what makes me, me. I’m not like every other musician, or person even, & thats okay.

I’m building my own style & cultivating my own garden of artistic & musical goodies. By letting certain things go, I’ve begun to understand what makes me tick as an artist/individual, what makes me glow & keeps me growing. I want more than to make you move or gaze with envy and admiration. I want to stop time, make you fall head over heels in love, cry, day dream, live in the present, dig deep. That is why I’m so focused on digging.

Ultimately, I want to make you feel.

Your favorite musician,

Stefani Monet

[Photo by Davia Childs]


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