Corbin Billings – Summer 16′ Poetry Contest

This poem is called “Green Light.”

Gatsby! Stop staring at the green light across the lake!

Look behind you at your mansion for God’s sake.

Stand atop your balcony and remember your fortune,

Don’t let Daisy lead you down a path of distortion.

It’s all in perspective; you’re both better off, you see?

Throw another of your parties, if you feel so lonely.

What more could you want? You have everything!

He replied, ‘a thing is not the same as a human being.’

Trembling involuntarily, he gazed into the bay,

Eyes focused on the green light, minute and far way,

Your desire for Daisy is your desire for the past,

When it came to your race for success she came last.

The green light is not an invitation to move forward,

How long this time until you’re desensitized and bored

With the model you have and trade her in for another?

Don’t sail to the light unless you will make her a mother.

She is not a token of success to be worn or paraded

She is a human with her own life, equally complicated,

A life you can’t understand because of all your privilege,

You must not pirate her existence and endlessly pillage.

But Gatsby would not listen. He believed in the green light

When it receded from his grasp, he only sailed faster into night,

He was forever a boat caught against the currents of time,

Borne back ceaselessly into the past searching for a line.

– Floowood (aka Corbin Billings)

[Second Place Winner]IMG_0221.JPG


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