People Be Like

 Men be like, “I don’t need a woman.” Women be like, “I don’t need a man.” At what point in life do we realize that we need each other? There exists a oneness that is inescapable. We all share this space on Mother Earth. We share similar structures and emotions. We have the same bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We are all expressions of one God. Simply put, we coexist in a balance of characteristics. Duality MUST exist on earth. Life cannot exist without death. Men cannot exist without women, and vice versa. My strong brothers, we need you. We … Continue reading People Be Like


I am grateful for the space called loneliness because it’s teaching me to enjoy the company of others when I’m with them. I’m grateful for the space called not yet because it’s teaching me to have the utmost patience when I desire something. I’m grateful for sexlessness because it’s teaching me to honor my temple with only the most godly presence. I’m grateful for silence because it gives me a chance to reflect. I’m grateful for the earth beneath my feet for teaching me stability. I’m grateful for life because I am creating and loving mercilessly. Zera Continue reading Grateful

The Epitome of Strength

Savage Lover Warrior woman Defender of her family; ferocious lioness. Don’t come close to what’s hers She’s sweet, docile until you threaten her love. Her heart walks the earth outside of her protective range One slight nudge and she’d fly into rage. Don’t come close to what belongs to her. With brown eyes burning she’d take off heads Blood dripping from her lips she would do anything Anything to protect her kin Warrior woman Savage lover The epitome of strength is The black mother. Zera Continue reading The Epitome of Strength

Alyshia Gonzalez – Summer 16′ Poetry Contest

Continuous Revelation When I was younger I was taught that the highest form of gratitude that I could show to God was praying the rosary. Something about the devout repetition spoke more to him than knobby knees on old tiled floors and shaking fingertips. I remember fatigue creeping into my innocent eyes as the priest repeated the prayer of our father in languages that were lost to me. My mind would wander from past, to present, to future, with the distant echo of his voice reverberating off the hollows of my veins. Despite the shoving of religion into all of my orifices, and my purity … Continue reading Alyshia Gonzalez – Summer 16′ Poetry Contest