Out on the Edge

Out on the edge is where you see the difference between what you are and what you want to be or could be…   Much is to be said for the time in life you come to realize that your dreams aren’t just dreams, that they are seeds that you are hoping to bear enough fruit to never have to worry about another meal, and the same along your lineage….   Out on the edge is where you see the separation between what you have and what you desire, you know, what’s still left out there…   For so many … Continue reading Out on the Edge

Sign up for our poetry contest!!

Hey all, we are excited to announce that we have decided on the Topic for this Season’s poetry contest. We want to that you for your love and support over the years. We have gotten to judge and assist so many poems by so many different writers and we are glad that you trust us. Winter 2017 Poetry Contest by The Rooted Minds Blog Topic: What Love Feels Like Rules: 1. Poem must be at least 100 words 2. Poem must be submitted by 12/20/2017 3. Submit to iamrootco@live.com 1st and 2nd Place Prizes will be given out and both … Continue reading Sign up for our poetry contest!!

New Music Monday! 12/4/17

What up Music Makers of the world, Time to share your music! You all contribute to the Sound Pit across various platforms and amid different genres. We want to give you the opportunity to share your music with others to receive support, feedback, and exposure… <strong>PLEASE READ</strong> The Rules: Artists can post 1 link to a song or playlist per week in the comments below! (Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.) If you post more than one link, we will keep the 1st and delete the others, to keep a level playing field … Continue reading New Music Monday! 12/4/17

Free Write: 11/5 @ 12:18pm

Too afraid To love safe, Too afraid of blame, Afraid of rain, but nothing stops my parade, Still too afraid to name All the things I want you to change, Afraid of cupid’s aim Coupled with my bad luck, Too afraid you’ll fuck me And forget the connection, Afraid of not being able To capture the span Of your attention, Too afraid to notice, My blessings! Continue reading Free Write: 11/5 @ 12:18pm

What do people genuinely look for when finding “the one” in a relationship?

What do people genuinely look for when finding “the one” in a relationship? It’s hard to tell because people build their own perceptions of what a soulmate should look like from past experiences or the experiences of others. There’s no right answer which makes it more confusing. There’s only time. In consistent conversations with friends regarding relationships, one piece of advice that seems to be unanimous is taking time. Time looks so different in every situation. It’s important to see what time looks and feels like for the partner you’re with. If time is being wasted, then what was the … Continue reading What do people genuinely look for when finding “the one” in a relationship?